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This game is really good! Really great concept and great execution. Having a lot of fun playing it.

i didn't know it have ssundee in here

Ssundee played this game in 2017 and I have been looking for this game even since and now I have found it. heres the link to the video that ssudee played this poggers game.

how plz

(update idea) add one more color, maps, and options;)


put it on steam dude it is more fun than most things there 

Nice and simple.

how do I play

i downloaded it soooooo how to play

How to play



I like but people stel my eggs for breakfast tomorrow

(1 edit) (+1)

Eggs don't spawn quickly enough. At first, everyone goes to the eggs. Then they're all gone, and it takes ages to get them all back! Also think you should do a controls page in the actual game. I'm using Windows 10, thanks.


nice gam


how to play on mobile?


bro you don't, isn't for mobile lol

Deleted 54 days ago

how do i play?


how do i download this gam


how do you enter the game


how do you enter the game

how do i play with friends...? we are both on pc btw


was this made in unity?

Yes, you can find the source code in my github:



how did you do the enemy ai?

Its very ad-hoc, I just programmed what I needed, without references, a couple of hours later, it worked so that's that xD

hi i like this game

when a player click ready the game doesn't wait for other players so, is only single player at the moment?

also, the cpu AI have a big hole if you play with less than 4 ants, cpu never attack you so you can easily get 200 foods doing basically nothing.

my pc is powerful and still struggle to run the game after a time, due the dead ants are stocking in the screen... you should fade them out after a time, also I suggest to put a population limit.... after a hundreds ants, the pc is struggling too.


i went out for 30 mins to play other games and i can no longer play it

it happen to me very often with several games made with unity (not this game in particular but others)
I think is a Unity thing but also happen if you accidentally has changed a setting in the game.
what you can try is deleting it and delete any temporal files (not sure if this game do temporal files but)
then download it again and try it.

Great game, but I at first was confused how to start it. Go button is disabled and game starts when you click one of regroup buttons


i cant play it if we cant play it then why is it up her


i love this game thank you for creating it


i cant play


this game is fun i dont know why people hate it

hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahah funy


wtf it wont let me play


why cant you play.... isnt that the the reason a gmae is a game


i cant even play this game


how do i play on laptop




Can we please not download it to play it? Thanks.


this is terrible the most terrible game ever 

guys is working


What a name, but has a good concept


craby LIT


cool game man

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